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Ozark Mountain River Therapy

Updated: 6 days ago

I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and all I knew about "Floatin'" was either when we turned the boat motor off to swim around the boat or that one day during church camp every summer that we all loaded up in huge rafts and made our way down the Illinois River.

Don't get me wrong, it was a blast then and now, but at that age I preferred boats at the lake (with a motor), simply because I had no idea what I was missing out on!

And then there was my first float after moving to Arkansas... well..

You could say it falls in the lines of what some consider a "traditional" Memorial Day Float,

but I certainly had NO IDEA what I was getting myself in to!

After preparing over 200 Jello Shots for Memorial Day Weekend on the Elk River,

I then STARTED the adventure by chasing Jim with Boxed Wine --

It is safe to say I learned my lesson -

No heavy drinking until AFTER the float and for the love almighty DO NOT run out of anything on the Elk River without expecting to show your boobs!

(I didn't in case you are curious - I was just pissed off the rest of the 7 mile float)

---> Although I am pretty sure everyone ended up having a great time, this is NOT the floating I fell in love with and we have since found a very beautiful less crowded (and less boobs) part of the Elk River.

Kings River Birthday Float

The thing about floatin', is that you are always guaranteed an interesting experience, but not always as amazing one. So lets get all of the negative and worries out of the way! The rivers in Arkansas are not for the faint of heart. Sometimes they are, but that is usually when the water is low and you have to get out and drag your boat! I have to admit that my favorite stories are the crazy ones - but only because we were educated, prepared, and the situations turned out ok.

Useful Tips and Things To Know:

It sometimes takes common sense and effort to make it down the river.

I have seen more couples (in canoes specifically) come off the river fighting then not.

And that day you know there is not enough water but you go anyways-- BAD IDEA

You flip, they flip, kids get tired, and hungry, and usually sunburnt.

There is always AT LEAST one person that drinks too much.

Dogs and Kids LOVE to flip their parents and siblings.

DO NOT bring your keys with you. (Or anything else of value)

Put your phone in the drybag.

Snakes and Bugs are often a problem but the WEATHER and RAIN always are.


I think that my favorite thing about floating is that it forces the kids (and me) to get out of the house and be active.

We all have to put the phones and controllers down and either bond with nature or with each other!

--> The river is my happy place and I can't wait to share it with others!!


There are no words for the moments you are sitting in the middle of literally no where, with nothing but the people you love and Mother Nature herself, sun bathing and relaxing as that small mouth bass (or perch) tugs at your line.

No phone service

No one else for miles

No video games

No Work or School

Off The Grid

(My Favorite Place to be)


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