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OTG GOALS: What, Where, and When

Updated: 6 days ago

After over 10 years of college, 3 college degrees, 12 years of waitressing, and raising four wild little boys (now 5 hormonal teenagers)...

– I’ve decided what I want to do with my life (I think)!

I want to share all the things I love about the Ozark Mountains with others while we do what we love and travel the world.

...That unexplainable feeling that happens when you are in the middle of no where, with nothing but nature and the people you choose to bring with you.

...That breath taking view from White Rock or Mulberry Mountain.

...That proud parenting moment when your children chose to pick up a paddle and fishing pole instead of a phone or game controller!


We are starting an outfitter that includes vacation rental themed school bus conversions (skoolies), kayaks, canoes, campsites, and more!

----------- Why?? This sounds like A LOT of work, sweat, and money!

In conversation last week, I said something that has came to mind several times since, and it is really the only explanation I can think of for those who ask the WHY question...

"I'm excessive in everything I do and it is just as much bad as it is good!"

If I remember correctly, I was referring to my parenting, but it is really true for all aspects of my life. If I have a bad day-- it is usually f***ing horrible! If I fall, I am going to break something - AND/BUT/OR - if you really need something/anything done, I am THE over achiever to get it done (whether I have the time or not)!

Traveling the world isn't enough to satisfy this craving - We want to help others experience the joy that we feel while traveling. And while right now that might be on a small skoolie scale, it is just a start to BIG BIG things in the future!

2023 Year End LIFE UPDATE:

I have had a very long and stressful year+ of transitioning to virtual work. I thought if I could FIND the clients I would be golden, however I quickly learned that was not the case.


Finding GOOD clients that did NOT drive me insane was much harder than I thought, BUT (fingers crossed) I think I finally found the perfect work load that would allow us to financially prepare for a life of travel!!

"I'd rather invest my time collecting

memories and friends and love

and all the things money can't buy."

-Katie Kacvinsky


SKOOLIES: The original plan was themed vacation rentals but when funds got tight (and credit thin) we decided smaller rentals would be more practical. The next thought was to buy a camper and rent it out and that idea eventually developed into school bus conversions, aka Skoolies. Using school busses, our hopes are it will allow us to buy several with at least 3 fully converted and rentable by the end of 2026.


  1. Canoes

  2. Kayaks

  3. Shuttle Services

  4. Buggies and Wheelers

  5. 15 Passenger Vans/Ford Explorer

OTG Base Camp


5 Bedroom 2 Bath Home that sleeps 20 – Rents for $500 / night


3 Themed Skoolies – Rent for $150/ night at Base Camp and $200/ night Delivered

3 Night Min when Delivered

**Wanderland - 1st Bus: September 2024

**The Hodophile - 2nd Bus: September 2025

**Party Bus - 3rd Bus: December 2026

Bella Vista Batcave on Lake Lochmond

*New Rental Coming 2026/2027*

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” -John Muir

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