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Empty Road

HODOPHILE: One who loves to travel, a lover of roads

It all began with a passion for travel, best friends,
and our families and closest friends...
and there are A LOT of us!

Travel is considered a luxury to some, but in our case that just wasn't a possibility. 

We have this UNDENIABLE passion to see NEW places & experience NEW things. 
We want to create memories for our family instead of buying things.  And 
create a life we love instead of one we dread.  
We have traveled every chance we got and are so blessed to have g
otten the opportunity to experience all kinds of new places together and create so many memories that will last a LIFETIME. 

We have been on two 4,000+ mile road trips and countless overnight adventures. 
More times then not we found ourselves in situations that required out of the box thinking
to get everyone fed, showered, and entertained 
but we always made the most of what we had. 
We found that when we shifted our priorities from materialistic things to life experiences,

 it altered our idea of ADVENTURE,
and soon we were finding new ADVENTURES around every corner!

As our kiddos go off into the world to discover their own passions,
we know that our ultimate personal goal is a LIFE of TRAVEL,
but how do we achieve that?! Both physically and financially?!

Check out our OTG FINANCIALS page to see how we make our $$$ adventures happen!

 Follow our ADVENTURES page to see what NWA adventure opportunities we have available for YOU!!



Meet the Team




Together, Meagan & RJ have raised FIVE amazing young men.  

Meagan is a Freelance Accountant and

retired waitress with Associate and Bachelor degrees in Business, as well as a Master's of Accountancy.  

With over 20+ years in customer service and her accounting/tax experience in multiple industries, she offers a wide range of benefits and value to the OTG team!

RJ has been employed as new install journeyman plumber for almost twenty years.  With experience in all general construction areas as well as customized skoolie conversions & roof raises!

He really is a jack of all trades! 

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